Services & Prices

Traditional Services
swedish massageSwedish Massage
30 min...$45
60 min…$70
90 min…$105
Stressed out? This type of massage has long calming strokes that soothe the body. It is recommended for everyone, especially first time massage clients.
Includes Aromatherapy!
Reiki massageReiki
60 min…$75
Client remains clothed in this gentle technique and the therapist’s hands are placed on or just above the body which allows universal energy to open the pathways of healing. This holistic approach to wellness stimulates the natural ability to self-correct, feel safe and peaceful, and restore balance to mind, body and spirit. There are three levels of Reiki attunement, the highest being Master. We have two Reiki Masters on staff.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
60 min…$75
This is a very light therapy that helps moves the body’s inner tissue in a healthy flushing motion. This therapy is good for those who have had surgery or feel toxic.
30 min…$45
60 min…$70
If your feet could talk they would. This therapy involves pressure points on the bottom of your feet that represent the organs and other body parts. It tells the Therapist what is going on inside. It is good for everyone.
Specialty Services
deep tissue massageDeep Tissue Massage
30 min…$50
60 min…$80
90 min…$110
This therapy addresses specific complaints such as trigger points, nerve compression, postural issues, inflexibility and spasms. Therapist and client work together to form a treatment plan that will help reduce pain.
medical massageTherapeutic
60 min…$80
90 min…$110
If you have a certain ailment and need specific work done, this is your therapy. This therapy is given when a client needs certain areas worked on aiming to get a specific outcome.
sports massageSports Massage
30 min...$50
60 min…$80
90 min…$110
It is a rigorous massage that is meant for a pre or post event. Sometimes clients will come in that are very physically active and require this type of massage.
Pregnancy Massage
60 min…$80
90 min…$110
In this massage the client is put in an elevated position on her back and laid on either side. The goal is to keep the mother as comfortable as possible and soothe away any aches or swelling she may be experiencing.
aromatherapyRaindrop Aromatherapy Technique
60 min…$125
90 min…$165
Native Americans used to travel to see the Northern Lights. They said that they received energy and many healing properties from them. This nine aromatic oil treatment is based on the energy from those lights.
Ashiatsu (Asian Bar Therapy)
60 min…$80
90 min…$115
Traditional Asian Bar Therapy where the Massage Therapist massages with their feet and walks on the client’s body. You will feel like a new person.
Thai Massage
60 min…$80
90 min…$115
Technique based on the theory of wind within the body. Slow, rhythmic compressions facilitate the correct movement and placement while releasing wind from becoming stagnant in the body.
hot stone massageEuropean Hot Stone
60 min...$80
90 min…$110
Heated Smooth Stones that the therapist massages all over the body.
Thai Herbal Ball Massage
60 min...$90
Traditional Chinese herbs are wrapped inside steamed bundles of fabric. Then the Therapist applies the heated herbal balls along acupressure points and joints. This massage has a special energy flow that is both invigorating and relaxing. It opens the body's pathways to soothe aching muscles, reduce stiffness, and inflammation in the joints.
Warm Bamboo Massage
60 min...$90
Natural Bamboo sticks are heated, rolled, rubbed and pressed over the body to reduce life's everyday strain. The warmth of the bamboo rolling over your muscles will soothe and revitalize you. This massage increases lymphatic circulation, reduces stress and fatigue and leaves the skin feeling supple.
paraffin dipMoisturizing Paraffin Hand Dip …$15
Submerge your hands in three coats of warm paraffin
Foot Exfoliant …$15
Hot towel cleanse, salt or sugar scrub & moisturizer
Foot Mud Mask …$20
Hot towel cleanse, ud mask & moisturizer
aromatherapySpecialized Therapeutic Aromatherapy …$10
Get creative! Talk to your therapist! This is suited to the client’s needs.
back scrubSugar Back Exfoliant …$20
Sugar scrub for the back
spa brushFull Body Exfoliating Skin Brush …$15
Therapist will brush your body from heel to shoulder to help slough off dead skin, detox, move lymph and exfoliate.
Recommended prior to any therapy
Slim Tummy Masque ...$20
This add-on mud treatment gets to your core! It will help target your area to get out toxins and leave you looking great!
Face Treatments
We use Aubrey products.
Northern Express Facial
30 min…$50
This rejuvenating treatment allows the Esthetician to asses which products will best suit your individual needs. It involves hot towel and steam to open the pores and allow for a good cleansing.
facialIlluminating Facial
60 min…$80
This facial is very relaxing and gives the Esthetician plenty of time with your skin and its needs. You will feel renewed and your skin will feel like new after this treatment.
Back Up North Facial
This is a facial for your back. The steam and hot towels will make your muscles melt while the cleansing process exfoliates and polishes your skin. It’s excellent if you have an outfit with an open back or a formal event planned.

Body Treatments
All body treatments receive a complimentary skin brushing prior to treatment.
back scrubBody Sugar Scrub Exfoliant
This is an antioxidant-rich sugar that is mixed with a mild body cleanser containing soy and coconut oils massaged all over the body. This treatment will help slough away dead skin, increase circulation and lymph flow and make you feel energized.
Sea Kelp Treatment for Detox
This treatment can be either moisturizing or detoxifying, depending on what results you are looking for. It is recommended in conjunction with weight loss since it helps the skin’s tissue retain its elasticity.
Northern Lights Mud Treatment
Kaolin Clay with Lavender, Chamomile and Rose is spread over the entire body to help damaged skin. This treatment will help draw out any impurities that your body may be retaining.
Herbal Cellulite Wrap
The Body is first treated to an invigorating skin brushing session. Then it is followed by the herbal cellulite therapy and wrappings. The client is then set to detox and melt off the unwanted toxins. This therapy helps clients that are looking to slide into that holiday dress or just need to slim down and detox.